Square meaning astrology

A semi square refers to blocked energy that comes from the emotional and psychological influences of two planets that are 45 degrees apart from each other.

What Are Orbs?

A semi square reveals blocks in our psyche that we must deal with and those blocks are revealed through events or interactions. When a planet slows down considerably in its orbital path, it appears to be moving backwards, or in retrograde. Planets in retrograde influence the same areas of our lives as they would while direct , but in a backwards, mixed-up manner. Of all the astrology signs, the Fire sign of Aries is the most hotheaded. Greetings, Earthlings!

Aspects in Astrology - Meaning Explained - Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, & Sextile

So already we are starting October feeling a little bit behind the magic 8 ball. This is the planet that must be worked with and understood in order to deal effectively with the opposition and maximise the incredible potential in the chart.

Astrology: The Opposition (Aspect)

Uranus in the first house needs to act with absolute freedom of will. This is a placement where people may try and stop you from doing what is in accordance with your own authenticity. Your response when Uranus is calling the shots? Just try and stop me! Leo Ascendants, however, need to feel pride and self respect- this can sometimes be a perceived roadblock preventing you from being completely you- regardless of how it looks.

Inspiration for dreamers and seekers

Is there anything there? Regardless of whether there is any planet here, this point is important and could be the key to understanding the way through the tension.

T-Square - Astrology King

Aquarian or 7 th house activities will be important for Lauren- maintaining her own identity through her partnerships with others is a challenge that will reward her. Lauren has no other planets in the 7 th house, so this may be an area of life where life simply happens. The challenge, when Uranus is involved, is to maintain the courage of your convictions- whatever they might happen to be- in the face of what society thinks you should be doing, or saying.

Any planet trine or sextile from any point of the t-square will provide an easing of tension, and a path through to success. Saturn is notoriously hard on the Sun, and people with this aspect are notoriously hard on themselves- even when we are talking about the trine or the sextiles. Age and experience are the dual solutions to this as you learn to know your real worth only as you get older…and through this, feel comfortable expressing your true individuality only when you begin to feel worthy.

When Saturn is involved, you often grow into yourself- if that makes any sort of sense. What about you- do you have a t-square in your chart? How does it manifest for you?

Have you reaped the potential yet, or are you still struggling with the frustration this brings? Excellent article, Jo! Some of us with multiple grand trines WISH we had t-squares.

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Or any squares… Everything is either handed to me too easily, or I am too busy ruminating in my oppositions. Squares are powerful motivators. They may hit me hard in transits, or in my interactions with others, but I find I am thankful for their influence when they hit. Hi Jo…..

The Anatomy of a T-Square

I have a Cardinal T square…. I always struggle with not being reactive and keeping my mouth shut. I have a question…. Thank you for a great article. Cardinal grand cross?